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Experience a holistic yoga practice

Giving Tree Yoga is focused on bringing physical and mental peace to all who seek it. Based in Smyrna, GA, our teachers  maintain an easy and inviting sensibility, empowering students to experience a true, yoga-focused practice.

STUDIO IS OPEN with daily in-studio classes.  
Located upstairs in Suite #200
(enter the double doors in center of building)

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No distractions. No latest trends. No fads.  Just yoga + Wellness services

Our classes offer more than just fitness. Through thousands of years and countless schools of thought, the mind-body benefits of yoga have endured as a lasting way to achieve balance and harmony.



Our studio-wide intention

​“Your yoga practice is just that – yours. Giving Tree Yoga  is a community where we can share the gift of a complete yoga practice that is authentic, accessible, and sustainable.

We are not a hot yoga studio

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Our core belief is that yoga is for EVERYONE! 


Giving Tree Yoga was  born from a place of authenticity and a desire to share the gift of a complete yoga practice that is accessible, inclusive and sustainable. Our goal is to bring balance, harmony, and intention to people’s lives while expanding the mindset of wellness from something that is singular to something that is always evolving.


Safety on and off the mat

The safety of our students remains a top priority. We are limiting the number of students in our in-person classes. All floors, props, and surfaces are disinfected between uses.


Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook @yogasmyrna


Over 1000, 5-Star Reviews! 

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Marque Tree Lady White Transparent.png

Kim R. 

Giving Tree Yoga is a beautiful studio with expert instructors! Everyone is friendly and will welcome you with kindness and their knowledge of the practice - whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned student. They encourage you to do what feels good for you and you don’t feel pressured to be perfect. Tons of options of class variety and schedules!

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Myra  T. 
 5 -Stars

GivingTree Yoga is an intimate experience for different types of yoga and meditation. I signed up using their New Client special and I cannot get enough. I’ve only experienced two of their instructors thus far, Melissa (Restorative Yoga) and Sonya (Yoga-Basic); and both experiences have been life changing for me. I love how these classes are small in size which makes for an intimate experience and hands on guidance. As a beginner, I feel that I can become an intermediate then advanced yoga participant with their guidance. They also have the supplies readily available for borrow or purchase. The atmosphere is clean and enlightening. I’m looking forward to this being my second home for healing, restoration and mental well-being.

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Isabella C. 
 5 - Stars

Wonderful yoga studio with a variety of classes that are very accessible, especially if you're new to or just getting back to yoga! The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming, and the vibe is relaxed and supportive as you connect with your body and deepen your practice. I highly recommend Giving Tree Yoga!

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