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Melissa Lopez

Founder and Owner


Basics of Yoga

Vinyasa Power Flow

Gentle Yoga

 Restore & Relax

Melissa began practicing yoga over 20 years ago as a way to deal with stress and anxiety.  She has always been drawn to the calming and spiritual aspects of yoga and loves the beautiful integration of the physical challenges.  Melissa believes that the whole-body nourishment that one experiences when stepping onto the mat is the most powerful gift to oneself.

After completing her  RYT 200 teacher training at Lift Yoga in Alpharetta, GA, she decided to open her own studio instead of returning to her role in the corporate world as a marketing leader.  She has also completed her 300 hours teacher training at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, GA.  Melissa has also received additional training in Yin and Restorative Yoga. 

She and her husband Jack, their two sons, and four fur babies are proud to call Smyrna home.

Angela Hales


Basics of Yoga 

Vinyasa Power Flow

Yin & Restore

Angela Hales teaches to empower yoga students of all backgrounds and abilities to find strength, healing, and peace.

A yoga practitioner for nine years, Angela has felt the transformative power of a dedicated practice. Her classes pay close attention not just to exploring asana safely, but to all eight limbs of yoga.  Angela recently completed her additional 300 hours of teacher training at Etowah Valley Yoga in Cartersville, GA. 

With a master's degree in International Higher Education, she enjoys traveling and working with the international community in Atlanta when not teaching yoga.


Will Pugh

    Gentle Yoga

Vinyasa Power Flow

Vin-Yin Express

Will’s innate curiosity about the nature of the human spirit lead him to discover his love of yoga. Initially, yoga was a means of pain relief and exercise, but he soon realized this was only one aspect of the larger world of yogic practice. The calling to help others heal and enrich themselves lead Will to seek out training to become a yoga instructor.

He was part of the first graduating class at Vita-Prana Yoga, studying under Vita Lo Fria and Christy Newsome to receive his 200 RYT. He is also a certified Arial Yoga instructor, having trained once again under Vita Lo Fria. Will believes in the human body and spirit’s astounding ability to heal itself, and that yoga is the ideal vessel to make us whole throughout our voyage.

Stephanie Parisi

Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Power Flow, Restorative, Yin 

With a professional background in teaching and a master's degree in instructional design, Stephanie has always had a passion for educating and inspiring others. This passion combined with her interests in wellness and exercise, led her to complete her RYT 200 teacher training at Infinity Yoga. Stephanie's teaching style is accessible, healing, and motivating. She combines humor, empathy, spirituality, and the science of yoga in a way that makes sense and creates connections for any level yogi. Stephanie specializes in teaching beginners and basics classes and believes that yoga is for everybody, every body, any age, and any walk of life. She also loves teaching restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, and beginner acroyoga.


A transplant from the Buffalo area, Stephanie is proud to call Atlanta home. When she's not teaching, she's spending time with her boyfriend, dog, and parrot, or working on her other passion--aerial silks!

Kacy Harbert

Vinyasa Flow

Kacy discovered her love and passion for yoga around 7 years ago to help with postpartum depression, anxiety and physical health. She fell in love with her practice and decided that teaching yoga was what she was meant to do. In March of 2017, she went to Costa Rica to study at Marianne Wells Yoga School for her 200 hour certification. In her training, she knew that she was on the correct path. Growing in her physical practice but also experiencing immense personal growth while she was there only solidified her decision that she was on the right path. She wanted to help others in the same way her teachers helped her. She teaches her classes with a focus on proper and safe alignment, and guides her students through their practice helping them learn the balance of effort and ease in their breath and body. Guiding students through a practice that they will be able to sustain on and off their mats.

When she is not teaching, she is at home with her son, husband and variety of animals. She is continuing her education with teaching and is currently working on her 300 hour certification.

Alison Collop

Gentle Flow 

Community Yoga

Alison’s yoga journey began in 2006 when yoga was added to the schedule at her local gym – she initially practiced vinyasa flow but then she took her first Svaroopa yoga class at Plumtree Yoga and was amazed that a practice that gentle could have such a profound impact; she obtained her Svaroopa Foundations certification soon after.

Alison’s yoga practice has deepened over the years and encompasses mindful meditation, asanas (poses) and breathwork. She recently completed her YTT 200 certification at Lift Yoga in Alpharetta. Alison is committed to making yoga accessible to students at all levels, guiding her students begin with a sense of joy so that they develop confidence in their own abilities.

Christy Newsome

    Restorative Yoga



E-RYT 500, YACEP, Professional Yoga Therapist

Lead Trainer: 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at Giving Tree Yoga

Christy wants to help students find the union of mind-body-spirit that is the heart of yoga! She started doing yoga for the physical practice, but kept coming back to the mat for the benefits she had no idea she would find. She found improved strength, balance, and flexibility in her physical body, which was her initial goal, but she also discovered a natural way to relieve tension & pain, an amazing awareness of her breath (and why that is so important to overall health), better posture, deeper sleep, a strengthened love of herself and others, and a community of encouraging & inspiring people.

During classes, she encourages students to let go of ego and to meet themselves where they are in that moment. She offers modifications for all levels and use props frequently. Her focus is on safe alignment, breath, and finding space and freedom in your body, rather than achieving some idea of a "perfect pose."


Christy received her 200-hour certification at Peachtree Yoga in Atlanta and her 500-hour and yoga therapy certifications at Etowah Valley Yoga in Cartersville. She is grateful to all of the teachers and mentors who helped her arrive at this point in her practice and her teaching. She strives to continually study and adapt to help students find their yoga. Christy also loves reading...and coffee...and New York City...and the Braves.

Bryttani Gresh 

Basics of Yoga 

 Yin & Restore

Bryttani was drawn to yoga as a practice that both works the body and clears the mind, feeling most present and centered during her practice. As her relationship with yoga strengthened, she realized the incredible benefits of a strong mind-body connection through a regular yoga practice, and how she could take these benefits with her off the mat.


Bryttani’s belief that her yoga practice makes her a more aware and loving person towards herself and everyone in her life is what inspired her to become a certified yoga teacher and share the benefits of this amazing practice. Her mission is to show others the power of getting out of their head and into their body, connecting breath to every movement, and enjoying the benefits both on and off the mat.

Sarah Clark

    Gentle Yoga

Vinyasa Power Flow

Sarah is a charismatic, community-minded yoga instructor, passionate about teaching new students. Simply stated, she loves people. Conversations come easily to her, and she genuinely wants people to know they’re important and appreciated.


Sarah's classes are dynamic and ever-evolving, as her own practice continues to expand and change. What she learns, she enjoys sharing with others. Incorporating creativity into her classes and never wanting students to get bored, she works to create fun sequences that engage students and build their confidence.

    Sonya Phillips


Basics of Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Sonya began practicing yoga in 2012 under Master Woo Yun in Centreville, VA. She completed the Dahn Yoga BMT course in Cottonwood, AZ in 2015 and began teaching at the Namoo Yoga Center in Centreville, VA that same year. She later completed her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 training under Cynthia Bialek, founder of Yava Yoga, in Fairfax, VA in 2016, and is RYT 200 certified by the Yoga Alliance.  She recently completed her 300 hours of teacher training at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, GA. 


Since moving back home to Atlanta after 15 years, she has completed additional teacher training in aerial yoga, Biodynamic Yin, and meditation. Sonya’s other experiences include teaching yoga at World Gym, Vita-Prana, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She also taught federal workers and military service members in Alexandria, VA and Seaside, CA as part of the Defense Manpower Data Center Wellness Program.


Sonya is a retired federal worker serving over 32 years in support of the Army and the Department of Defense throughout the US and Europe. 

Michelle Stein


Vinyasa Power Flow


Michelle's journey to Yoga all started when after being a gym rat for years, the training and regimen wasn't fulfilling anymore. The external gratification of self image and ego on how physically strong she was drove her to no end. She was never happy nor satisfied. In her minds eye, she was always looking and striving for perfection. One day, she decided to let go of her ego and listen to her heart, she looked for a yoga studio and signed up for her first class. From that day on, she has never looked back and have continued her yoga practice. Yoga has taught her so much about herself and others. It has deepened her own personal journey to happiness and humility. After all, Michelle believes we are all enough and perfect, just as we are.

It is through her own personal experiences and shared knowledge that has brought her to teaching. We all can learn from each other, that is the beauty of Yoga. Always a student first.

Michelle received her 200 hour yoga certificate at Honor Yoga Studio, New Jersey in 2015 and then her 300 hour yoga certificate at Swadhyaya Yoga School in 2018.

Ashley Spruill

Gentle Flow 

Community Yoga

Ashley began practicing yoga in 2014. She was interested in building physical strength but more importantly connecting to her inner strength, and maybe learn some cool new tricks! Little did she know, yoga would take her on a journey, increasing her self-awareness, enhancing her health, and inspiring a connection to her true self.

Ashley is originally from Boca Raton, Florida. She graduated from the Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she served as an agribusiness volunteer with the Peace Corps Panama. Upon returning to the States, she moved to Alpharetta where she went to high school but found herself feeling uprooted and discombobulated. She turned to her yoga practice, which had helped create clarity no matter how thick the haze. Ashley completed Lift Yoga’s 200 hr teacher training in 2018 and she aspired to teach the practice she loves.

Ashley inspires her students to connect within and move in a way that serves their unique needs. She thrives on continuing to learn from not only her mentors, but also from her students. She loves to hold space for students to find play, lightness and creativity through yoga. Take her class and feed your soul through creativity!

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