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We went back to her ex-husband and explained:

“Buyers give 18,500,000 rubles for an apartment: You will receive 10,000,000 rubles, your ex-wife agrees to take 8,000,000 rubles, we will take 500,000 rubles for our work. Everyone gets what they want”

What was our surprise when the man said:

"No! That won't work, because according to the law, if my share is worth 10,000,000 rubles, then her share of the same area is also worth 10,000,000 rubles!"

Our lawyers sent him extracts from the laws for two more days to convince him otherwise. Only a week later he agreed to the deal.

When trying to negotiate and write a deal plan, remember: each party has the right to evaluate the value of their share in the property at their own discretion. But it is better to do this with an understanding of the goal. Any conflict and war around real estate leads to the destruction and loss of its value.

Case 3: Both parties cannot agree on a common plan for the division of property.


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