Why Setting an Intention in 2021 is So Important

Connect to that which you deeply seek

Why do we set intentions?

In a yoga class, we set an intention at the beginning of class to focus and guide our practice. We set this

intention with heart and mind. It could be something so simple, yet so vital, as “return to the breath.” Or

it could be to treat all beings with kindness - including yourself.

When I neglect to set and maintain an intention for my yoga practice, my mind races away with

distractions, and my practice suffers. Yes, I may still be moving through familiar postures in a

rectangular space, but the deeper elements available through yoga elude me. I finish such a practice

with a distracting swirl of thoughts, and I check off the box on my long to-do list for the day, “went to

yoga class.” Then, I take all that out of the doors of the yoga studio and to the other activities of my day.

Why this result? I may have made the effort to physically move my body, but I have not kept that in unity

with mind and spirit. Setting an intention helps me to do just that.

The Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual in 2021

We can’t control exact outcomes in our lives, but we can live intentionally. Intentional living has created

for me a sense of peace, the kind available when I really connect what I’m doing (the physical) with what

I’m thinking (the mental) and how I am trusting the universe to direct me energetically, in the realm of

the spirit, and among my fellow humans.

Let’s unite the physical, the mental, and the spiritual, each in our own way, as we travel together into


Intentionality Workshop for yogis and other seekers

Set your 2021 Intention with me this Saturday, January 9th, at the Intentionality Workshop from 2-5 p.m,

at Giving Tree Yoga + Wellness.

Sign-up here

OM Shanti,


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