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The Practice, Learn & Live Well Lecture Series is a monthly lecture series where knowledgeable professionals share their expertise and learnings, while encouraging each attendee to explore and go deeper with their journey to wellness and knowledge.

$40 per lecture or save when you buy a pack of three lectures for $90

  • Michael M. Burke

     Saturday, March 6th, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

    Open and Awaken to the Energies Around You


    Vibrational Sound Therapist, Poet, Spoken Word Artist   Michael M. Burke will be spending    time  sharing some poetry and some sound as well as discussing how being open and staying awake and aware to the Energies around us has brought  blessings to his life, and continue to do so.   Michael is honored to share details of his journey with people in attendance and is available for questions as well.

    He is more than willing to share his knowledge and hopefully prosper the Journey of others that feel called to express themselves in a loving, truthful and honest way. There will be open sharing of life's unfolding beauty, along with some poetry recital as well as a taste of a Sound Journey.

     copies of Michael's book will be available for purchase.

    More About Michael

    Michael Murphy Burke (VST)Vibrational Sound Therapist, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Retired Custom Woodworker..

    Michael was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana in an atmosphere that encouraged creativity on all levels, just like the city itself.

    A multi-cultural and adventurous spirit resides in his blood, from the bayou roots to the Mardi Gras madness, from the rich family heritage to the soaring individuality of exploring consciousness on his own terms, Michael has created a life that is constantly creating him. He was awarded the Sound Ambassador Award from ISTA (International Sound Therapy Association) in 2016   He has one book of poetry available (on his website as well as Amazon) entitled Dancing With the Divine. His second book, entitled Dancing With the Shadows is in the works.

    He is currently a vibrational sound therapist at four different treatment centers in the Atlanta area and is the creative director of the Sacred Sound Ministry for Unity North in Marietta, Georgia. 

    He hosts a monthly open mic poetry night at Phoenix & Dragon bookstore as well as creating Sound Journeys for various yoga studios, wellness centers and spiritual centers every month.

  • Gina Minyard

    Saturday, April 10th, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

    Evolving Beyond the Yoga Sutras: The Tantric Householder Path

    Classical Yoga philosophy describes a path of separation and stillness, a freedom that is apart from life, which requires renunciation and detachment to achieve. Modern lovers of yoga seeking to ground themselves in its philosophy may rightfully balk at this injunction to turn away from worldly life. Evolving at the same time though in the Indian stream was Tantric Yoga, a path of practice and spirituality of radical unity, dynamic aliveness, and embodied liberation for those engaged in the world. Though this path was lost in the flow of time, it is making a resurgence, and offers a perspective that is more accessible, and still as transformational, to the modern, householder practitioner, for whom renunciation is neither possible or desired. 


    Together we’ll explore the teachings of freedom of the Shaiva-Shakta school of Tantra, which picks up where the Classical Yoga Sutras leave off, with an overview of its vision and an introduction to its root text - the Shiva Sutras. Here we find an evolved perspective, an expansive view of grace, freedom, and knowledge, and the astonishment of the embodied, integrated yogic journey. Interestingly, it is Tantra, not Classical Yoga, that is the tradition from which modern hatha yoga evolves. How wonderful and important to reclaim the philosophy that supports rather than denies worldly engagement - and not only that, facilitates individual refinement and fulfillment in the process!

    More about Gina

    Gina Minyard, E-RYT 500, is an Acharya, an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga, a modern school of Shaiva-Shakta Tantra, in which she has engaged in profound, devoted practice and study for more than a decade. A beloved teacher in the Atlanta yoga community, she brings the depth of her long time engagement with both postural practice and meditation and her breadth of knowledge into lively and relatable teachings.

  • Kerry A. Pope

    Saturday, April 24th 1:00 - 2:30 pm

    Unlearning   Fear and Accepting Love : A journey of the spirit

    Fear is based upon a belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. These fears are usually the result of learned behavior to protect ourselves from being hurt. But what if I told you that fear is a learned behavior? Fear blocks us from experiencing TRUE love because of the various walls and protective barriers that we have in place. Join me as together we discuss how to recognize and unlearn the fear that governs our lives and allow love through accepting our new reality to lead us into abundant life.

    More about  Kerry

    Master Abundant Life & Love Coach, Co-founder ALPU @abundantlifepath

    Apostle Kerry A. Pope is a pastor and pastoral counselor who has a passion for helping those who are struggling with finding their identity and purpose in life. He is the co-pastor of The Way Life Center in Atlanta, GA (link to The Way website). With over 35  years of ministry experience, his spiritual intellect, prophetic insight, and life-changing messages show you the way to create the life you were destined to live.

    Kerry’s profound spiritual insight has helped many discover their true purpose and identity in God, while his down-to-earth teaching style and creative presentation of spiritual principles have endeared him to many. His passion for eliminating mental manipulation and self-sabotaging thoughts out of the minds and hearts of God’s people make him a formidable vessel against the tricks of the enemy.

    Kerry is a thought-shifter. He analyzes and evaluates situations through critical thinking. After experiencing his teaching, your way of thinking transforms to a higher level, resulting in a more productive way of life.

    God has gifted everyone with the ability to change the atmosphere of their lives, and Kerry teaches you how to operate within your gifts to make that change effective and positive.

  • Nicole Smith Levay

    Saturday,  May 8th 4:00 - 5:30 pm

    Directions, Layers, & Pressure: Breathing in Somatic Practices

    If breathing is one of our most fundamental behaviors as a human being, why is it so hard sometimes? Perhaps it is also why the study and practice of breathwork can be so healing. This talk addresses both HOW we breathe (mechanically), but also WHY we have begun to breathe the way we do (energetically). 


    Nicole Smith Levay, somatic therapist and breathwork meditation teacher, will guide experiential exercises to help you understand how and why your breathing changes throughout your days and life. Additionally, take home three simple meditation practices to befriend and enhance your breathing using the concepts of directions, layers, and pressure.

    More about  Nicole

    Nicole Smith Levay is an energy healer and coach who integrates somatic therapy, meditation and breathwork to help womxn with anxiety and depression live and love better. She is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer (E-RYT, YACEP, 700hr+), trauma-informed somatic therapist, workshop facilitator at esteemed venues like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and lifelong improvisational dance artist. She holds a MA Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. Using her training and experience, she guides Kundalini meditation classes, transcendental movement experiences, and Breathwork Circles. Her specializations are in learned emotional regulation, trauma informed care, embodied spiritual connection, and astrological studies. She is available for one-on-one sessions via Zoom. 

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