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awake your body, mind & spirit

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings. 

April is also Move More and Stress Awareness Month.

To honor this season and help bring your body, mind and spirit into union, we invite you to participate in our

April Yoga & Wellness Challenge

GTY+W’s April Yoga & Wellness Challenge

is a three part challenge. 

Challenge 1:  Move your Body with 21-days of yoga*


Challenge 2: Expand your Mind and attend 1 lecture in the Practice, Learn & Live Well Series


Challenge 3: Take care of you and your Spirit and book 1 wellness service

*Minimum participation begins with Challenge 1, Move your Body with 21-days of yoga; optional to participate in the Mind and Spirit Bonus Challenges.

Earn Bonus Points and be entered for special weekly drawings!

Current opportunities to earn bonus points include:


Attending at least one morning class during the weekday.

Referring a friend to join you and sign-up for the challenge too.

Downloading the GTY+W app and letting us know on social.

Be sure to keep an eye out for other bonus point opportunities!



Click the Join The Challenge or Sign Up Now buttons and complete the online form.

This will register you for email updates and text messages.

Write your name on the challenge board in-studio. Each time you attend class starting April 1st, put a star by your name in the Body: 21 Days of Yoga Category.


If you’re participating in the Mind and/or Sprit Bonus Challenges, drop a star next to your name in the corresponding category once an action is complete.



Each week, participants will be entered to win fun prizes. Don't forget those bonus points!

At the end of the challenge there will be two grand prizes:

Grand Prize 1: 21 Days of Yoga

Participants with 21 or more days on their mat will be entered to win 1-month of FREE unlimited yoga - a $99 retail value.

Grand Prize 2: 21 Days of Yoga + Bonus Challenges

Participants with 21 or more days on their mat plus participation in Bonus Challenges (attending a lecture(s) and/or booking a wellness service) will be entered to win 1-month of FREE unlimited yoga - a $99 retail value plus a $50 credit to use towards future lectures or wellness services.

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